Angela’s Cafe


It’s more than Mexican—Angela’s Cafe focuses especially on the cuisine of Puebla. Two locations in the Boston area ensure no one misses out on a chance to experience all that Angela’s Cafe offers.

A recent seasonal dish says it all: Chiles en nogada honors Emperor Agustín de Iturbide and uses locally sourced ingredients to dazzle with all three colors of the Mexican flag. It’s a poblano pepper filled with a mixture of ground beef, chicken, and pork with seasonal fruits, spices, and nuts that’s deep-fried in egg batter and drizzled with a walnut cream sauce.

Holy moly. Get to Angela’s Cafe soon to see what’s next.

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Authentic Mexican hidden safely away from tourists and yuppies. Huevos poblanos, chilaquiles, guacamole; it’s hard to find anything I don’t like. Pancakes are also delicious if you stop by for breakfast or brunch.

Angela’s Cafe


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