Bred Gourmet


Bred Gourmet is a small burger bar with a gourmet twist on the American classic, and you can get your kale juice to go with it.

The restaurant offers signature sandwiches like the Olympus (grass-fed beef, shaved cucumber, feta, red onion, fire-roasted red pepper, kalamata tapenade, and tzatziki on brioche bun) and the Moody Buffalo (hormone-free turkey burger, smoky blue cheese, buffalo slaw, and shaved celery on a pretzel bun).

It only gets better from there! Salads, sides, and a “kidz menu” are all also available. Beer and wine are served at Bred Gourmet, or you can get a healthy smoothie made with fresh berries or veggies like kale.

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On a good day, Bred Gourmet has the best burgers around. I can’t speak for the rest of the menu since burgers are the main attraction here.

Bred Gourmet


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