Homemade Chilean sandwiches—chacareros—are served directly from the counter at Chacarero and, although its hours are 8 a.m. until 6 p.m., lunch is the hot spot here.

Freshly baked bread is topped with meat, cheese, tomatoes, and steamed green beans, and the seasonings and an avocado spread really make the difference. It’s a taste that’s not familiar to most, but the tides are turning: This concept began with Juan Hurtado operating from a pushcart.

He jokes about the doubters—after all, he’s serving sandwiches topped with green beans—and loves turning them into chacarero fanatics, one mouthwatering sandwich at a time.

Tips & Tricks

Go with the chicken or veggie sandwich. This isn’t a sitdown restaurant and the menu is small. Always a good place for lunch, but make sure you order first by phone to avoid the line.



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