Esperia Grill


Authentic Greek in Brighton! Esperia Grill is your best bet for casual Greek stuff like gyros, and it’s known around these parts for its rotisserie chicken. We’re not alone—plenty of other best Greek restaurant awards are on Esperia’s mantel.

The menu tends to shift with seasonal faves, but dig into entrees like salmon or swordfish steak, keftedes (Greek-style meatballs), spinach pie, and the No. 9 moussaka (beef, potatoes, and eggplant with bechamel cream sauce and sides). Don’t forget baklava or Greek yogurt for dessert!

Soda, water, and beer are available to go with your meal, so plan on relaxing for a spell after the plates have been whisked away.

Tips & Tricks

Not only are the portion sizes large; the food is great, too. Get the chicken gyro or the lamb kabob.

Esperia Grill


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