A hip, modern spot for young adults and in-the-know neighbors, Davis Square’s Posto specializes in Neapolitan style pizzas and handmade pastas, served up with signature cocktails to ensure a good time for all. (There’s also a location in Bedford.)

Appetizers like meatballs and calamari pave the way for a number of red- or white-sauce pizzas. Gourmet pizza toppings step it up a notch and include lamb sausage, shiitake mushrooms, roasted apple, and veal. Entrees include chicken, steak, and salmon.

About that handmade pasta? Choose from gnocchi, tagliatelle, spaghetti, pappardelle, and tortellini. Posto’s a setting for meals that are more important than most, and the lively atmosphere is one that encourages an unforgettable group dining experience.

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A solid Italian joint for pasta or pizza (I prefer their pizza) that delivers every time I go back. When I feel like eating out but don’t want to go far from home, this is where I go.



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