Cultures collide at RUKA, which brings together Peruvian, Japanese, and Chinese cuisine with ultramodern decor for dinner and cocktail service.

Highly recommended: Lima-style fried calamari, miso Chilean sea bass, chilled oysters Chalaca, hamachi amarillo sushi (spicy tuna, quinoa, avocado, grilled peppers, cucumber, and acevichado sauce), and blacked octopus (with spicy harissa mayo, sesame barbecue, and ginger slaw).

Thirsty? Order the signature Green Goblin cocktail, a Cusquena Dorada Peruvian lager, a selection of wine, and, of course, sake. Reservations are recommended, and group dining is available at RUKA—so be sure to plan accordingly.

Tips & Tricks

For drinks, my favorite is the Beatrix Kiddo, a fruity coconut guava drink that isn’t too sweet and hits the spot. I don’t usually love sushi rolls (I prefer regular sushi or sashimi), but RUKA elevates it to another level.



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