Sam LaGrassa’s


Family owned and operated since 1968, Sam LaGrassa’s touts itself as making the world’s No. 1 sandwiches. Specialty, signature, grilled bread, and vegetarian sandwich categories have all done their part earning endless acclaim for this spot.

This is the place for Rumanian Pastrami, Pastrami Diablo, and Pastrami and Corned Beef Combo. There’s a whole lot more offered here, including everything from chicken and turkey to eggplant and portobello, but the pastrami specialties at Sam LaGrassa’s get us every single dang time. Game over!

Catering, online ordering, and delivery (and even branded merchandise for super fans!) are all available.

Tips & Tricks

Limited hours 11 AM to 3:30 PM mean you’re going to plan your schedule around getting here for lunch. Totally worth it for the legendary chipotle pastrami.

Sam LaGrassa’s


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