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State Park – Nosh Populi

State Park


American classics, a killer jukebox, and pinball surely can’t be found just anywhere—that’s why State Park knocks it out of the Square when it comes to good times. Many people meet for the cold drinks at the bar, while the menu holds its own for guests.

Appetizers include pickled eggs and boiled Virginia peanuts, while entrees that do it for us are the smoked porchetta and spicy trout sandwich. Hand-cut fries and “garlicky greens” are great side dish choices, and when dessert’s ready, you’ll have to choose between peanut butter cheesecake and an ice cream sandwich.

Ready for drinks? A special menu of after-meal coffee and spirited drinks is available at State Park to cap off your meal.

Tips & Tricks

More of a dive bar for relaxed drinks after work than a cocktail joint. Unlike many dive bars, the food is actually good.

State Park


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