The Daily Catch


Here’s a casual spot we go all-in on: The Daily Catch has an open kitchen preparing Sicilian-style pasta and seafood, and when this restaurant combines the two specialties, watch out!

Three locations in Woodstock, North End, and Brookline offer up the good stuff, and diners and casual foodies delight in the menu.

Specialties include Sicilian fisherman stew (flaked fish, vegetables, seaweed, tomato fish broth, garlic toast, crispy capers), a clam and calamari combo, and aglio olio (ground calamari, olive oil, garlic, anchovy)—the latter of which is part of a black pasta menu, boasting fresh homemade black linguine made with squid ink.

Tips & Tricks

Very small place, about six tables. It is not ideal for groups larger than 4-5 and larger groups mean longer wait times. Even for a table of two you’re often waiting for over 30 minutes. When you do get a table, you’re most likely going to be sharing it with other customers. Cash-only.

The Daily Catch


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